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July 4, 2021

Hello, all! It's been a long time. If you've been waiting for some information on what's next from me, it turns out I do have some news. First up is a web site update and slight overhaul. My site hosting changed a bit and I found my login again, trying to consolidate information and be, you know, informative about what's going on. I'm currently working on a third edition of 'Original Plots'. There have been a lot of things going on with storytelling that I wasn't able to address in the last book. Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation swaps in stories for one; when to use them, when not to use them. We need some updated commentary on current movies and books. We also need to talk about the apparent downfall of cinema, the rise of streaming, and where storytelling goes in a post pandemic world. So much to cover in the almost decade since the first book's release.

Where have I been? That's tough to explain. I have had considerable setbacks to my writing, obviously. The truth is I was just in no position to write. Deaths of family and friends brought my writing pretty much to a standstill as I tried to sort out my feelings on life, liberty, the pursuit of happines including my writing. I've been doing my best to right some wrongs in my life and process some feelings. The good news is I think I'm coming out the haze. I'm hoping to have the new edition of Original Plots and the first novel of Serin Prophecy done by the fall, yes, THIS FALL...of 2021. I know, I know, I'm the boy who cried THE BOOK WILL BE DONE THIS YEAR for several years now.

What can I do? Actions speak louder than words so I'm making some plans and if all goes well I can get this stuff done. For the five or six fans still left out there who still follow me I appreciate you! Thanks for sticking around. I'm going to do my best to provide updates here at least once a month. Keep me accountable!


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